Daddy daycare the sequel zooms by

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I can’t believe how fast daddy daycare flew by during the month of October as last week I returned back to the newspaper office.
The first three weeks went by so fast it felt like only a few days had gone by and it was sad to think I only had two weeks left of quality bonding time with our boy. Daddy daycare the sequel was half as long as my initial nine-week daddy daycare with our girl, so this one-month adventure was noticeably shorter.
My parental leave with our daughter last year was quite a learning experience for me, and this abbreviated daddy daycare with our son was so much easier because of the first experience.
I was wrong in my prediction of thinking he would be walking on his own by his first birthday on Nov. 2, and it looks like he will be closer to his sister’s mark of 13 months and five days before he might be an independent walker.
He’s moving around really well with his walker and on election day, Oct. 21, he figured out how to turn the walker by himself instead of looking to us to turn him around after running into the wall or furniture. He’s become really good at manoeuvring through the house without banging into any obstacles.
The one big thing I learned early while off with our boy is he likes hearing the word no. When he is told no, he looks at us and smiles and/or laughs, and then continues to do the act that we don’t want him to do. It’s still a work in progress to get him to quit the act he’s doing when we say no, but saying no is a way for us to get him to smile for pictures.
As for his progression during the first year of his life, he is basically on par with where his sister was at one year old. He’s only half an inch shorter than what she was when she turned one, but he weighs a few more pounds than what she did. They’ve actually been in the same size of diapers for a number of months now.
Our daughter had a few more teeth than our boy by this time as his fifth and sixth are playing hide and seek on him as they try to fully break through.
Like his sister was at the same age, he is a pro at crawling up the stairs, clapping and he has a few dance moves. We also weaned him off the morning nap, even though he still needs a catnap some mornings.
Our boy has always been a much better eater than his sister and feeding time is so much quicker with him. He knows the purpose of sitting in the highchair and gets the job done. He has also rarely ever spit food out during his entire life.
On the other hand I could finish a full seven course dinner before his sister could finish a handful of peas sometimes, as it seems she thinks dinner time is to be more for socializing than eating.
Her speech has really progressed in the past few months, but sometimes we need to eat quickly and get out of the house to get to certain events. She’s a decent eater, she’s just very slow and messy.
As for recreation fun, I got to experience my first play group action in Walkerton as my wife likes taking both our children to the free program. I enjoyed a few outings and afterwards we went skating. It will take a lot more practice for our little girl to start skating by herself, but both children really enjoy being pushed around the ice in the stroller.
On my first day back to work last week my wife showed me a video of our boy waving his hand good-bye by himself for the first time, something we were working on more recently and it was nice to see he achieved this act.
All in all I enjoyed my time during daddy daycare again and wish it could’ve been longer. I also have to thank my wife for putting on a great football-themed birthday party for our boy’s first birthday.